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If you are looking for a special cross stitch chart or want to keep up with the latest releases, please click on the MERCHANT MALL logo above,where you can search through over 12,000 titles. This is a secure site where you can place your order with confidence. We will be happy to take care of your order.

Quaker Sleds
Sled Head Sleds
Sledding Friends Sleds
(Chart Only) $6.00
(Chart Only) $6.00
(Chart Only) $6.00

Store hours:

10:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Sat

(closed Sunday)


Snow Country Sleds
Mixed Bag Quilt Sleds
Red Border Quilt Sleds
(Chart Only) $6.00
(Chart Only) $6.00
(Chart Only) $6.00


Bread Sleds
Snowmen Sleds
*Touch of Turquoise Quilt Sleds
Bread Sleds Chart
Snow Grateful Chart
(Chart Only) $6.00
Sleds and paper for crossstitch    

Sleds and Paper (Set of 3)